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Starkweather Lofts

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Plymouth, Michigan


Product development, marketing and lease 93 new construction loft style apartments

Over the next several years the demand for rental properties is anticipated to increase, especially within urban areas where projects fulfill a lifestyle component. Starkweather Lofts takes advantage of Plymouth’s current lack of quality, rental product and fills a missing need within the community. With construction underway and occupancy anticipated for summer 2017, marketing and pre-leasing has commenced with a goal to achieve lease up at or near construction completion. 


Developing a successful, multi-family rental community requires specialization in a number of disciplines. Many developers have extraordinary ideas they long to bring to life whereas others thrive on the intricacies of financing a development; both of these scenarios leave a gap in the entirety of a project. Often details such as marketing, leasing and project management are overshadowed by the construction of a project. Hub provides expert service across numerous disciplines and has the outstanding track record to ensure your project’s success.


  • Worked closely with developer to create brand and introduce the project to the market

  • Defined and adhered to the rental process, guidelines and procedures with acting property manager

  • Met project objectives with pre-construction leases


  • Determined pricing to maximize profit margin

  • Vendor selection and determination

  • Define lease goals and establish plan for meeting or exceeding goals

  • Establish leasing time table with builder/developer and determine level of aggressiveness

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